Jude Amoako, Class of 2009


Jude Amoako, VTI, Class of 2009 

“Our voices training has given us vital skills that now in university we see that our classmates don't have. Time management, planning and evaluation, preparation of action plan, its widened our world view, makes us better work mates. Everyone seems to want to work with us. Those of us in University of Ghana, are all engaged in other activities aside our school work and are excelling at it ranging from business to church work. I can say for all of them that the year spent getting VTI training and facilitating summits was more than worth it” 

Vogue Ushering:  

Vogue Ushering Services is a result oriented ushering and greeting company that provides courteous and well trained ushers for events.  

 We pride ourselves in providing top notch services that will give your event a touch of elegance. 

Vogue ushering services provided quality services during the maiden Samsung week celebrations in Ghana, during The Moonlight Café show on the university of Ghana campus amongst others. 

Vogue Ushering seeks to give ushers, whom are usually college students an experience in the corporate world, hence given them an opportunity to network with established businesses in the corporate world. Vogues as part of its strategic plan has developed a scheme which will be implemented in the coming months to organize workshops and seminars to keep our ushers abreast with contemporary issues and equip them with various pertinent skills which will aid them in their university life and after.