Martin Drah, Class of 2009

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Martin Drah, VTI, Class of 2009 


The experiences I had with VOICES Ghana had a tremendous impact on how 
I think today. I have come to believe that challenges can be turned into opportunities, it all depends on how you view those challenges. I don't think I would have had this kind of development in my life if I 
hadn't had the chance to volunteer with VOICES Ghana. The Voices Training Institute (VTI), Voices Immersion Program (VIP), Village Pot Initiative (VPI), Public Health Club (PHC) have all contributed 
towards how I view the world today. 

I think building sustainable businesses is one of the surest way of finding lasting solutions to some of the challenges facing the world today including global warming, desertification, drought, war etc and  this view wouldn't have materialized if I hadn't come into contact with VOICES Ghana. 
It is with this experience that together with a few friends, we came up with Family Investment, an investment company that aims at building green sustainable business to build up capital, provide employment opportunities and contribute towards environmental sustainability. 

FAMILY INVESTMENT (FI) is a company owned by young entrepreneurs with the aim of creating business and economic opportunities by going green. The company was started in the year 2012 and looks to become very competitive and a world class destination point for investors who would like to increase their returns in both the short and long run. 

We at Family Investment believe in the three (3) bottom Pā€™s; PROFIT, PEOPLE and PLANET. We believe that the main aim of every business set up is to make and maximize profit which is one of our pillars and we look and seek to maximize returns on investments made.  We also believe that in every business set up, the quality of life and standard of living of the people involved must be enhanced. The standard of living of our investors, entrepreneurs, employees and consumers must be improved through an increment in dividends, returns and disposable income. The quality of life of our consumers comes in the form of healthy products and world class services we render. We believe that any investment made must either contribute to the short and long term sustainability of the environment. It must not have any adverse effect on the environment.